Principles of Freemasonry

Main principles of Freemasonry

  1. Each freemason must display a firm belief in a single God and in immortality of the soul.
  2. A freemason believes that the religious ways of believing in God are to each their own in respect to how the ways are conducted by his brethren.
  3. Freemasonry does not offer any way for a salvation. They should seek salvation in their respective religions, which is widely regarded as a good thing.
  4. Religion and politics are oftentimes the culprit for hostility. Therefore, such topics are forbidden among freemasons.
  5. Freemasonry seeks to unite in brotherhood all the people with different religious beliefs in an environment of mutual respect. If a particular religion of a freemason requires his dedication to serve those who were less fortunate, then Freemasonry will happily offer him a means of finding solutions. In this matter, Freemasonry strives to be the best partner of any ethical religion.
  6. A freemason must never deem his responsibilities higher than those in relation to his Family, God and Country.


Twelve principles of a regular freemasonry.


  1. Freemasonry is an initiatory fraternity based on the traditional belief in God, The Grand Architect of the Universe.
  2. Freemasonry is founded on the ancient commandments and landmarks of the fraternity containing all the necessary traditional rituals that enables its lodges to bear the status of regularity.
  3. Freemasonry is an Order, which only accepts people of free will and highest moral values, who are willing to work in the name of peace, love and brotherhood.
  4. Freemasonry expects of itself a moral improvement of its members and, as a result, an improvement of mankind.
  5. Freemasonry expects its members to strictly adhere to its rituals and traditions to maintain recognition among its international brotherhood.
  6. Freemasonry asks its brethren to always respect opinion and beliefs of each member. It forbids political and religious topics. The Order recognizes itself as a centre for brotherly unification, tolerance, mutual understanding, and harmony between people who by their nature tend to argue and divide.
  7. Freemasons promise their responsibilities by swearing on a Holy Script (Bible, Torah, Quran) of their respective religion to ensure that their promises bear a meaning of unbreakable oath.
  8. Freemasons leave the secular world and meet in the Lodges. Lodges always have three Guides of the Light: Holy Scripts, a divider and rule. All labors are approached with vigour and eagerness, and according to the rituals and principles; Constitution and General Regulations.
  9. Freemasons only accept people of good standing with high moral values, loyal to the Country, prudent, worthy, by all means deserving of being referred to in a brotherly manner, believing in the higher destiny of a man, and believing in the infinite power of the Grand Architect of the Universe.
  10. Freemasons encourage love to their Country, respect for their laws and lawfully elected leaders. They see all forms of labor as the highest and most honorable responsibility of a man.
  11. Freemasons’ constant toil displays their ability to keep secrets of the Order.
  12. Freemasons promise to help and defend each other, even under the danger of compromising one’s own life. Under any circumstances, they strive to keep calm and rational thought for sake of making right decisions.



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